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How to Go From 33.3% to 3.9% in 3 Years


Over the years we have worked with tens of thousands of customer, educated them about the importance of credit history and how it would positively affect their lives. Some went their own way and didn't take our advice, others are living a better life because they had the will to change it!

I talked to a customer a while back and was happy to hear his story. When he bought his first vehicle from us he had a credit score of 480 and we were able to get him approved, but of course the interest rate was high so it was a little scary for him. He wanted to fix his credit and was willing to take the high interest, 33.3% is where he started, and its the highest interest you can get if you have the worst situation and you want a vehicle. Every single person out there can get approved but no one usually accepts this high interest, that is why you hear people talking about the 29.99% limit.

After 12 months of driving that vehicle, he refinanced with us into something newer, lower kms and a lot nicer for 18%.

18 months later we refinanced him again into an even better vehicle down at an interest rate of 8.9%. In less than three years he went from worst case scenario to best case scenario in the subprime world of auto financing. 

When I spoke with him about trading in once more last week, he mentioned that he is looking to get himself a 2015-2016 Ram with all the bells and whistles he could imagine, and the only way he could have done that is by dealing with us for those years. 

So our purchasing department searched all auctions and wholesalers and we got him the vehicle he wanted in less than 3 days!

We are happy to be a part of his success. So after 3 years his credit score went from 480 to 720. He told me his next plan was to buy a house. 

We receive referrals from him all the time and pay out $300 each time. In our eyes, he will always be a customer, and we will continue doing business for a long time to come.





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